"A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade."

- Abraham Lincoln


Our Fees

Most of our services are charged at the standard hourly rate of the Attorney performing the work.  Attorney Berger's current hourly rate is $250.00 and Attorney Davis's current hourly rate is $225.00.​

For additional information, see the Pricing details, below.  The prices listed are examples of prices on basic cases, and are not binding upon the Firm.  The pricing for your case will be set in a legal engagement agreement signed by both Attorney and Client.

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Initial Consultation:

Consultations with our office are generally between 1/2 hour to an hour.  You will meet with an Attorney to  discuss the basic facts of your case, and to get an idea of the direction we would take your matter.  The cost of a consultation is $100, but that amount is credited towards future services with the Firm if you choose to hire us.

$100 per hour

Divorce, Custody and other Litigation:

All Family Law and Litigation services are charged on an hourly basis.  The hourly rate for Attorney Berger is currently $250.00 and the hourly rate for Attorney Davis is currently $225.00.  Minimum billing time is 6 minutes, or .10 of an hour.  Travel time to Ogle, Lee and Winnebago Counties is not charged, but a minimum .5 hour is charged for all court appearances.  Standard mileage rates are charged to all other counties.

$225 - $250 per hour

Residential Real Estate:

A standard purchase or sale of a home (where a realtor in involved) is charged at a flat rate, and includes review and negotiation of the initial contract, correction of minor title defects, preparation of necessary documents (deed, transfer tax, etc...) and attendance at closing.

$750 flat rate


Family Law Mediations are charged a flat rate per hour-long session, plus a flat rate for preparation of the necessary documents once the mediation has ended.  Please see our Mediation Guide for more information and Mediation Bookings page to schedule an appointment.

$125.00 per person/per session +

$150.00 per person document prep retainer