Residential and Commercial Transactions

Whether you are buying your first home or selling your third, your real estate transaction is likely one of the largest financial transactions you will engage in.  While your realtor is invaluable, you also need a legal representative to ensure your transaction occurs properly.  Our firm's usual services include:

  • review of the listing agreement with the broker if requested prior to its execution;
  • review (buyer) or preparation of (seller) the seller's Residential Disclosure Statement, the Lead Paint Disclosure Report, if required, and the Real Estate Sale Contract (I will suggest changes to you if necessary and permitted by the terms of the Contract.);
  • preparation of an attorney modification letter, if necessary;
  • preparation of the seller's closing documents, ordering the title insurance commitment (seller), survey and mortgage payoff letter from your lender(s) (buyer), and reviewing the final closing statement showing adjustments to the sales price, your closing expenses, and the distribution of proceeds at the closing;
  • Examining the condition of title prior to closing and overseeing the removal of all title objections to be removed at closing;
  • scheduling and attending the closing, reviewing all closing and mortgage documents for your understanding; and
  • communicating with you and other parties with regard to extensions that may be required pursuant to your advising my office of the need for extension(s), such as for mortgage approval.

Additionally, both of our Attorneys are agents with Attorney's Title and Guarantee, so we are able to provide full service closing services, with convenient closings held right in our office.

For information about our Commercial Closing services, please contact the firm.